Get Involved

The Sexual Health Resource Centre volunteer hiring is now closed for Fall 2015! Applications must emailed to no later than Thursday September 24th at 6 pm in order to be considered.Thank you to everyone who applied. If you missed the deadline consider applying for Summer 2016. The application forms will be available here: (Word Link)/  (PDF Link)!

What is the time commitment?
Our volunteers typically contribute one two-hour shift per week and four extra hours per month (for a total minimum of twelve hours per month).

What can I do for extra hours?
Extra shifts, teaching sex-ed workshops (“teach-ins”), running booths, making buttons, wrapping condoms, designing posters, attending community events… really, anything that positively contributes to the running and outreach of the Centre.

Do I have to be a student to apply?
Nope! We welcome all applicants from all corners and facets of the Kingston community

I have questions about the application process, who do I contact?
Please get in touch with us at Please read the application thoroughly to ensure your question isn’t already answered on it!

Want to support the Sexual Health Resource Centre through donation?
Visit Queen’s Online Giving and designate your gift to ‘Sexual Health Resource Centre’. All proceeds help fund our projects aimed at educating on and promoting Sexual Health.