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About Us

We affirm the right of every individual to access accurate and unbiased information and services regarding contraceptive options, sexually transmitted infections and HIV/AIDS, pregnancy options, healthy relationships, sexual identity, queer issues and other topics of interest in the realm of sex, sexuality and sexual health. The SHRC is funded by student fees from the Alma Mater Society and the Society of Graduate and Professional Students.


The Sexual Health Resource Centre is run by a ten-person Executive Board, elected annually in April by the volunteer body. Each member has a unique role, as outlined by our constitution. If you have any questions about how the SHRC operates, please contact the appropriate person below.



The Director is the official spokesperson for the SHRC, oversees the operations of the organization, and serves as the liaison between the SHRC and any university bodies (administration, AMS or SGPS).

Please direct all media inquiries to the Director.


Assistant Director

The Assistant Director is primarily responsible for obtaining additional funding through grants but also assists the other members of the Executive in their duties.


Volunteer Coordinator

The Volunteer Coordinator is responsible for volunteer recruitment, feedback, discipline, and appreciation. They also organize the hiring process and monthly general meetings for all volunteers.

External Education Coordinator

The External Education Coordinator is responsible for the organization and staffing of all “teach-ins” and booths.

Please call or visit the SHRC if you wish to request a teach-in or access the online sign-up sheet.


Internal Education Coordinator

The Internal Education Coordinator is responsible for running training for volunteers, including producing educational materials and inviting guest speakers. They also coordinate the lending and pamphlet libraries.


Office Manager

The Office Manager is responsible for the regular stocking of products, pricing, and introducing new products to serve the diverse needs of our clients.

Please contact the Office Manager if you wish to inquire about special orders or have feedback on our products. If you wish to request a special order access the online request form.


Financial Manager

The Financial Manager ensures that the SHRC is financially accountable and using allocated funds responsibly. They maintain all financial records for tax purposes.


Publicity Coordinator

The Publicity Coordinator is responsible for the production of all advertising, maintenance of social media sites, and maintenance of the SHRC’s website.

Please contact the Publicity Coordinator if you wish to request promotional materials from the SHRC.

Events Coordinator

The Events Coordinator ensures the inclusion of the SHRC in community events as appropriate.

Please contact the Events Coordinator if your organization would like the SHRC to be involved with a community event or are interested in boothing opportunities.


Administrative Secretary

The Administrative Secretary acts as a liaison between the SHRC and other community groups, and records and manages weekly meeting minutes. Please contact the Administrative Secretary if you require info regarding the SHRC or need help being directed to a specific resource.

Volunteer Hiring & Expectations

Interested in sexual health and wellness? Passionate about public health promotion? Looking to volunteer at one of the best places on campus? Apply to become an SHRC Sexpert!


The Sexual Health Resource Centre typically hires volunteers in September, January, and May! If you have any questions or concerns that are not answered in the form’s description, please contact us by email or over Facebook/Instagram direct message.

Volunteers are expected to shift in The Centre at least once per week (two hour long shifts). Aside from shifting in The Centre, volunteers must complete four extra hours per month. Extra hours may include picking up additional shifts, helping run booths on campus, helping with inventory, assisting with teach-ins, etc.


What is our Mandate?

The Sexual Health Resource Centre strives to be a confidential, non-judgmental, sex positive, pro-choice, queer positive, non-heteronormative, and feminist information and referral service for questions regarding sex, sexuality and sexual health.


What is the time commitment?

Our volunteers typically contribute one two-hour shift per week and four extra hours per month (for a total minimum of twelve hours per month).  Extra hours can consist of any positive contributions to the centre based on our changing needs.


What can I do for extra hours?

Extra shifts, teach-ins, running booths, making buttons, wrapping condoms, designing posters, attending community events… really, anything that positively contributes to the running and outreach of the Centre.


Do I have to be a student to apply?

Absolutely not! We welcome all applicants from all facets of the Kingston community.


How do I become involved on the executive team?

Our 10-person executive board is elected annually in April by the SHRC volunteer body, and you must be a current volunteer to run.


I have questions about the application process, who do I contact?

Please get in touch with us at Please read the application thoroughly to ensure your question is not answered on there!

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