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We sell barrier methods, lubricants, sex toys, alternative menstrual products, introductory kink/BDSM gear, and pregnancy tests at cost. We purchase our products from wholesalers, and then sell them directly to our client without a retail markup. This makes safer and more pleasurable sex accessible to the community. For products we don’t regularly carry in the centre, we offer a special order service.

Alternative Menstrual Products

The SHRC sells the Diva Cup, a silicone cup that sits just inside the vagina and collects menstrual blood. It can be boiled in water to sterilize, making it reusable. This can be a more economical and environmentally-friendly menstrual product option. It can also be worn for longer periods of time, and is not associated with toxic shock syndrome. We carry both types of Diva Cups:

  • Type 1: for individuals under 30 and/or have not given birth

  • Type 2: for individuals who are over 30 and/or have given birth

BDSM & Kink Products
The SHRC offers a range of products for those starting to explore the worlds of BDSM and kink.

Binders & Packers

The SHRC no longer sells binders and packers in the centre due to the expertise required to safely fit, and the wide variety of sizes and styles needed. Binding the chest to appear flat can be done safely. However improper binding can restrict breathing and cause damage to soft tissue. To prevent this, it is important each individual chooses the correct size, fit, and material for their body. Binder sizing and expertise can be found at GAAP. These products can be ordered directly from the manufacturer at

Condoms & Barrier Methods

Barrier methods are the only form of contraception that also protects you from sexually transmitted infections (STIs). We offer a wide range of latex based and latex-free barrier methods. They are available to purchase individually, or in bulk 144 packs (available for select phallic condoms).

Dildos & Vibrators

The SHRC carries a variety of vibrators and dildos. Learn more about our various products.


Dildos for G-Spot Stimulation or Branched Vibrators

Internal vibrators are predominantly used for G-spot stimulation while branched vibrators can provide both G-spot and clitoral stimulation. Branched vibrators are safe for anal use and may product prostate stimulation as well. When choosing an internal/branchee vibrator, here are some things to consider:

  • Material

  • Vibration strength/style

  • Noise level

  • Size (Insertable length & girth at widest point)

  • Power source (rechargeable, batteries-required, etc…)

  • Degree of waterproofness  


External Vibrators

External vibrators are predominantly used for stimulation of the clitoris and vulva and can be used alone or with a partner. When choosing an external vibrator, here are some things to consider:

  • Material

  • Vibration strength/style

  • Noise level

  • Power source (rechargeable, batteries-required, etc…)

  • Degree of waterproofness 


Internal Vibrators and Dildos

Dildos can be used for vaginal or anal penetration. When choosing a dildo, here are some things to consider

  • Only dildos with FLARED bases can be used anally

  • Material (some materials such as silicone can be easily sterilized)

  • Size (Insertable length & girth at widest point)

  • Whether you want to use it alone or with a partner

  • Potential for vibration (some dildos have a hole in the base which can accommodate a bullet-style vibrator)


Dildos and Vibrators for Partner Use

Dildos and vibrators can be a great way to introduce something different with your partner. The SHRC sells strap-ons, harnesses, and strapless strap-ons. We do carry vibrators which are intended for partner use, but really any of our toys can be incorporated in partner play. Specific products can be ordered through our special order service!

Cock Rings & Ball Stretchers

Cock rings are usually worn at the base of the penis, behind the scrotum, although some individuals wear them around the shaft of the penis only. In contrast, ball stretchers are worn around the base of the scrotum only.

It is recommended that cock rings be worn for no longer than they are comfortable, or 30 minutes, whichever is shorter. If you’re using a ring for the first time, you may want to remove it after five or ten minutes so you can become familiar with the various sensations cock rings provide.

Masturbatory Sleeves

Masturbatory sleeves are flexible tubes with textured interior. They are meant to be penetrated and sit around the shaft of the penis.

When choosing a masturbatory sleeve consider the following things:

  • Material

  • Texture

  • Single vs. long-term use

    • Hint: Sleeves that are closed-ended are usually single-use as they cannot be cleaned!

  • Vibrating, heating, or non-electric

Anal Toys

A number of dildos (those that have a flared base) can be used for anal play. We also offer a number of butt plugs, anal beads and prostate massagers. When choosing an anal toy, consider the following:

  • Size (insertable length & girth at widest point)

  • Material

  • Vibrating versus non-vibrating 

  • Shape (i.e. curved for prostate stimulation)


Lubricants are a great way to enhance your sexual experience. When choosing a lubricant keep in mind the following:

  • Both water-based and silicone-based lubricants are compatible with latex and non-latex barrier methods

  • Silicone-based lubricants are longer lasting than water-based lubricants

  • Silicone-based lubricants will degrade silicone sex toys and are therefore NOT compatible with silicone toys.

  • Oil-based products (e.g. vaseline, hand moisturizer, massage oils) will degrade latex barrier methods and are therefore NOT compatible with latex barrier methods.


We offer a wide range of water-based and silicone-based lubricants in a range of bottle sizes/types.

Massage Products, Games & Miscellaneous

Massage Products

Massage products can be a great way to enhance intimacy. Keep in mind that oil based massage products will degrade latex condoms and are therefore NOT compatible.


Other Sexy Stuff/Miscellaneous

The SHRC also carries sex toy cleaner, sexy games, sensory play tools (feather dusters, wartenberg wheel, etc..) and batteries for our toys.

Pregnancy Tests

We sell Clearview II pregnancy tests. They detect the hormone HCG in first morning urine 14 days after the day you think you may have become pregnant. Each test comes with a cup and an instruction pamphlet.


If you have had unprotected sex in the last 72 hours and are concerned about the possibility of an unwanted pregnancy, the emergency contraceptive pill (ECP) could be an option for you. Our volunteers are equipped with appropriate information and are happy to discuss the ECP with you in more detail. We DO NOT sell this medication in the centre, it is available at the Queen’s Centre Pharmacy (lowest price in Kingston).

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